High Visibility Laser Goggles for Medical Applications - including polymer solution for 1400-1550nm

Responding to the expanding requirements of new medical lasers and applications, NoIR announces a series of newly-formulated LaserShield laser goggles offering high protection levels and high tissue visiblity for dental and medical applications. The IRD4 is our newest addition, a polymer solution for 1400-1550nm systems. As with all LaserShield laser eyewear, all filters are available in inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable frame styles. Afterall, laser glasses ought to be easy to wear and needn't cost an arm or a leg.

High Visibility Medical and Dental Laser Goggles:

Filter Name %VLT Wavelength
IRD4 32% 1400-1550nm
KTP 34% 532 nm
RB3 56% 680-710 nm
LIA 51% 750-760 nm
DI8 69% 800-830 nm
DI2 61% 785-830 nm
CYN 36% 750 nm + 1064 nm
YG3 59% 190-534nm + 960-1064nm
925-1070nm 850-925nm