Loupes #34 Insert

style 34 with loupe

Finally, a coherent approach to Laser Eye Protection and Magnification for Dentists and Dermatologists. #34 Frame insert is available in magnification powers of 1.0-4.0 in half steps, allowing detailed work without the hassle and associated danger of switching between loupes and laser protection.

  • Sleek stylish fit
  • Removable Rx insert
  • 8 base lens provides full wrap-around coverage
  • Soft temples
  • EN207 and ANSI Z136 compliant
  • Insert available with 1.0-4.0 magnification powers.
  • Soft temples

Hook-On Loupes


Designed specifically for use with telescopic Loupes, NoIR LaserShield clip-ins are available in three sizes, accommodating most brands and sizes of surgical loupes. Mounted with polymer lenses, there is no risk of lens breakage from accidental contact with the telescope eye-piece. As always, pricing for NoIR clip-ins is the same as for any NoIR style.

Sizing (measured diagonally across the lens): 50mm, 55mm, 60mm

  • Polycarbonate lenses won’t shatter
  • High OD and High Visibility
  • Designed to slip behind magnifying loupes
  • Available with any LaserShield filter